Nov 11, 2013

WARR Today :: I returned all land of the WARR.

I returned all land of the WARR today.

I did talks about the land abandonment of the WARR beforehand with Linden laboratory. As a result, those land parcels will have slightly different indication with the other abandoned parcels.


The West Atoll Rail Road project started on November 7, 2010.
And it is November 11, 2013 that a project was over.
The period when the WARR existed in this world was 1,100 days.

This is a table of the land which the WARR had last.

The total of the land area was 64,995 square meters.

The railroad joined 19 regions together and had 9 stations.

The railroad stepped over the road in seven places and stepped over the sea in one place and had 8 bridges.

The railroad comprised a unique signal system.

But there was not even one tunnel.


I describe all the people concerned with this train service the biggest thanks.
It is all the people who used this track as well as the person who cooperated with construction and maintenance.

Thank you very much.

It was three years that were very happy for me.

Thank you, WARR.

I want to wait for the day when a new joint sound is audible sometime in this area.
WARR did the preparations for that purpose. It is your turn this time.

Good railroading!

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