Apr 13, 2012

WARR :: [RESOLVED] Information about the interruption

The obstacles which existed in the Chiron region have been removed at 8:00 p.m. on April 13, 2012 SLT.
You can pass on the WARR whole line now.

Thank you for cooperating with maintenance of railroad safety also in residents.

Apr 12, 2012

WARR :: Information about the interruption

Information about the interruption.

Place :: Chiron Region
SLURL :: http://slurl/secondlife/Chiron/125/54/49

The situation :: The track is closed by the projection of a huge building.

Measure :: 
Movement of a building was requested to the owner of a building. 
Moreover, Abuse Report was reported to the Linden Lab.

Apr 7, 2012

WARR Today :: New Signals at Hantu Station

New signals were installed in Hantu station and Sibine station.
These signals control the flow of the train in a station yard.


Then, let's pursue an actual motion with sequential photographs.


The place is Hantu station.
At this station, the 2nd track of right-hand side is the main line, and the 1st track of left-hand side is the sidetrack.
Switches are controlled so that a train can pass the 2nd track usually.


First, the first train comes in.


Several seconds after the first train comes in, the switch converts and it changes the course of trains from the main line to the sidetrack.


Starter signals also change simultaneously with it and the signal by the side of the sidetrack displays advance.
At this time, the home signal which is in a way outside the switch does not change yet.


Next, another train has gone also into the sidetrack.


And since all the tracks of this station have been buried, the home signal displays stop.


These new type of signal systems are installed in Hantu station and Sibine station.


From now on, this system will extend functions, will detect the train which is between stations, and will control starter signals.
Then, the control function of automatic operation trains will be added.
Finally I aim at completion of the system which can perform employment of express.