Jun 26, 2011

WARR Today :: Completion of Andraca Overbridge

The Andraca overbridge was completed.
It is Suspension Bridge where it is located in the next of the east at the Andraca station, and Park Way is stepped over.
There is 50-meter length of the span in single span Suspension Bridge, and is 13-meter height under the digit.
This is the maximum bridge in the WARR line.

Andraca駅の東隣に位置し、Park Wayを跨ぐ吊り橋です。

It is a structure that only the digit in the part placed between two main towers is hung with the cable.
Digits outside in main towers are constructed as a usual truss bridges.


Temporary housing guides are set up.
Non-physical type vehicle can run on this though it is not possible to run in the physical type vehicle because construction for a physical vehicle has not ended yet.


When this bridge was constructed, I got large cooperation from Mr.(Ms.) Cedric Brown.
I describe gratitude here.

この橋の建設に際し、Cedric Brown氏に多大なるご協力をいただきました。

Jun 23, 2011

WARR Today :: Sandgrass Overbridge

The third bridge was completed in the WARR line.
There is Sandgrass Road in the next of the east at the Gunda station in the Gunda region. The bridge to exceed this public road is Sandgrass Overbridge.
This bridge became a type with the feature very much. In the plan at first, it was an ordinary truss bridge. However, the fate of this bridge will change greatly about Ms. myuki in a single phrase.

Gunda地域にあるGunda駅の東隣にはSandgrass Roadがあります。この公道を越えるための橋がSandgrass Overbridgeです。

She said so.
"Let's hang it."


There is only 31m length of the digit that crosses road.
It is only several meters longer than Sandhill Sage Overbridge. Therefore, it was thought that this bridge was enough by a simple truss bridge.

Sandhill Sage Overbridgeよりも数m長くなっています。このため当初は通常のトラス橋が作られる計画でした。

When the photograph is seen, it has the mysterious shape that cannot be indescribably said.
It is shape to mix the arch bridge with the cable-stayed bridge. However, is such a bridge in the real world?


A mysterious point in this bridge is not only shape.
A big arch diagonally steps over the railway track and exceeds it.
Therefore, it looks very unstable. If the railway track was a double-track line, such instability might not have been born.


There was an idea to intersect two arches, too. However, I decided to adjust the arch to one because I had looked very exaggerated it.
Because the bridge girder is hung, the space under that is very widespread.


Jun 16, 2011

WARR Tech :: The best height of overhead wiring in Inworld Electric Railways

I thought that I was going to give the trait that did not exist in other railways in the WARR line. I decided to construct the WARR line as Electric Railways because there was fortunately room in the number of Prim of land in the WARR line.

However, railways of the Second Life did not have Electric Railways up to now. The exception is UR Rail System. However, this is the one of a standard different from SLRR.

There is no regulations of Electric Railways in the standard of SLRR yet. The importance is height of the overhead wiring. As a result, the size of the railway vehicle that can go into the railway track is decided.

Then, I looked for the tallest vehicle in Second Life.

It was M's R&D that I went first. I decided to turn from the vicinity quickly.

The maximum locomotive in M's is Garaxy. The about 5.8m height existed.

Next, it was H8 Motors that I went. Various locomotives have been exhibited here. Their steam locomotive was short, and about 5m all. However, the diesel locomotive of an American style was very large, and had height of 6.5m.
I am not because I saw all the railway vehicles. However, another had only one railway vehicle equaling this locomotive tall.

If the height of the overhead wiring is made higher, it is likely to be made any vehicle run the railway track. However, the construction of the railway track becomes more difficult. The problem is made confusing as for there is a limit in the change in the altitude of land in Second Life.

In the real world, 6m a lot is seen in a European region. Moreover, it is 7m or more in United States, and about 5m in Japan.

Because the standard doesn't exist, and electrification also has the opinion of unnecessary to begin with, the change of the WARR line to Electric Railways already seems to have twist and turn for a while.

Jun 15, 2011

WARR Today :: Andraca Station

The construction of the Andraca station started.


This station is a terminal of the first stage construction.
There is a switch in the east of the station, and is one platform and are two railway tracks at the station.
The railway track that diverges with the switch and is postponed to the northwest might be connected with the second stage.
This switch is considerably an acute angle assuming that it is in the main line, and the train that passes over here will have to go slowly.


The overhead wiring pillar is seen to be built at the station.
I decided to provide a structural standard concerning the overhead wiring, and to reproduce the electrification railway in the WARR line.


There is 6m height from the top of the rail under the overhead wiring.
I decided this height referring to the height of the body of the Garaxy steam locomotive made of MsR&D.
I also investigated the height of vehicles made by H8 Motors.
It is thought that the vehicle where height more than this is needed is very few though it is not because all railway vehicles of InWorld were confirmed.

この高さはM's R&D製のGaraxy蒸気機関車の車体高さを参考にして決定しました。

There is Andraca Overbridge that is the maximum bridge in the WARR line next to the station.
This is Suspension Bridge with just 50m span between towers.
The switch in the station east is set up on this bridge.
This shows narrowness on the site.

駅の隣にはWARR線最大の橋であるAndraca Overbridgeがあります。

This photograph is from a station platform to the appearance in the east.
Do you see the switch is on the bridge?
This Suspension Bridge is a kind of single span bridge, and the structure that only the digit between towers is hung with the cable. Both of the digit outside of the tower are away from the cable. Therefore, the switch can be set up on the bridge.
To set up the switch here, this bridge became a single span bridge.


Jun 3, 2011

WARR Today :: Plan was changed.

Please look at WARR development webpage also.

The plan of the WARR line was changed dated June 1.
As a result, construction will be discontinued in a part of section.


The section from Andraca to Achlya is concretely abolished and the section from PruniJunction to Eson is discontinued.
The Andraca station is shifted position and will be constructed.

具体的にはAndracaからAchlyaまでの区間を廃止とし、Pruni JunctionからEson周辺に至る区間を計画中止とします。

The position of the Andraca station will become the south from a current plan. Therefore, the starting station and each schedule station of the second stage will be changed.
In the terminal position of the second stage, there is no change. The site of a last point has already been acquired.


To evade the site acquisition of the addition, I restructured the arrangement of the railway track in the Lida station west .


In a current plan, the railway track that had gone out of the Lida station was extended to the Rosieri region in the straight line as it was. However, this plan needed a further additional site. Because the division of this district was very complex, the whole line opening to traffic in the WARR line might be very delayed in a plan as it is. Then, the railway track arrangement is reexamined, I succeeded in constructing the route that came off to the Gunda region stealing the site that had been acquired while drawing the S-curve.


The site not started constructing between Lida and Gunda became another division. The opening to traffic of this section has advanced one step.