Oct 9, 2011

WARR Today :: Alarm signal

The spot which there are many people and gather for the circumference of a WARR line is in some places.
It seems that and they are increasing little by little every day.
The other day, 40 persons have gathered for the Chiron region and I was not able to do the inspection of the WARR institution.


As you know, there is a capacity of 40 of one region of Mainland.
If the train by which people rode on the full region rushes in, what will happen?
The person who rode on the train will be detained at the boundary line of a region, and only a train will run him on and on.


The train which became uninhabited does not stop.
It will run to a terminal point then.
And it is whether it disappears secretly by the end in the world, it thrusts in to others' residence, or to turn up at a terminal point and to return to you.


Anyway, for a driver, it is troublesome.


Then, WARR was made to install the signal which tells the remaining number of a region.


This is the signal.


They are installed in the boundary line of a region.
Usually, when there is little number which is in a region, the signal has shone green.
The number increases, and if 35 persons are exceeded, the signal will begin to blink red.
If the number furthermore increases and it exceeds 38 persons, still more, the light will be switched on red, and the signal will issue directions so that it may stop to a driver.
The present number is also displayed on a signal.


It is installed in some boundary lines now.
They will be installed in all the boundary lines which the WARR line exceeds.


May your railroad trip become more comfortable!


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  1. "Heroic Hilto" has made an amazing and beautiful railroad using perseverance and fortitude. We make private railroads because the VRC interferes with the SLRR. Congratulations to Heroic Hilto! Great progress! :-) Jer Straaf