Dec 6, 2012

[WARR Today] :: The Andraca bridge was completed.

In the WARR line, the interval of the section between the first and the second period section broke off in Andraca region. Because we could not acquire the site of this section and had a technical problem, it was difficult to build the track established permanently here.
Because we could get a site near this section by October, 2012 and the technical problem dissolved, Andraca Bridge to tie this section was completed on last November 21.


The finished Andraca bridge has 130 meters in total length and becomes the longest bridge in the WARR line. The form of the bridge is a thing called deck truss and it is supported in three piers. The WARR line led to one by the completion of this bridge, and the construction of this railway which began from the Burns Station completion of December, 2010 was completed.


I thank the people who had you support construction of the WARR very much. I thank you deeply.

myuki Mills
Jer Straaf
Prokofy Neva
Woo Fegte
Cannaregio Franizzi
Khookie Loon
Rae Euler
Jules OHare
Cedric Brown
Fopper Iwish
Stryker Jenkins

Sylvan Mole
Guy Linden


Michael Linden


We became going to tie it with bridging not an arch seen well in WARR line from the beginning of the plan about this section. However, the location was near to the shore, and it has the need that is considered in the form of the bridge in particular because there is the beach resort below immediately.
This bridge must make the design that attached great importance to the harmony with neighboring scenes, and it was necessary to reduce a feeling of coercion as much as possible.
Bridges of various forms were planned, but all of they were canceled.
Cable-stayed bridge and Extradosed bridge were given to a design candidate, too. Those bridges had a shape beautiful itself, but the influence on neighboring scenes was big because its height became very higher.


The plan became simple Decked bridge after all. And, not a general girder bridge, a truss bridge that scenery of the rear was transparent was chosen.


As for the deck truss bridge of the WARR line, there is "The Skyway" depending on Juanita region elsewhere.
Because this Andraca bridge did not have height and was a straight line, it was finished in the form that was very simpler than the Skyway.
This is a bridge of very simple form, but it is a bridge eager at all where all of construction technologies that WARR has was poured into.
However, only one has the matter that was not able to be realized by technical difficulty.
It is correspondence to physical trains.
Currently, physical trains cannot pass on this bridge.

WARR線で既設の上路トラス橋というと、Juanitaリージョンにかかる『The Skyway』があります。

The track was connected, but the construction of WARR has not been yet over.
We work on the improvement of the signal system and are testing it in some sections now.
The result of the test is favorable for the moment, and other sections are going to be replaced with this new signal system sequentially, too.
An aim of the new signal system is what both trains operated by person and run automatically can pass smoothly.


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