Nov 29, 2010

WARR Today :: Slosser elevated bridge and Grote Station

I acquired the vast land in the Slosser region.
The place that the railway track passed in this region was almost fixed by this land acquisition.
A temporary putting of an elevated bridge department material was done, and I confirmed the line type, and divided land.


On the other hand, construction began in land in the Grote region that had been acquired before.
Surrounding land cannot be acquired yet.
Then, the station is constructed with the purpose of obtaining the knowhow of the elevated station construction that will be needed in the future.
I want to have them quickly draw the railway track to this Grote station in the real intention.


Grote temporary station where half of station is actually laid in the next Electra region.
There is only here in the position of the station because there are a castle and a river in the west here soon.

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