Jan 10, 2011

WARR Today :: Currently in the vicinity of Electra region.

The change occurred to WARR without the change up to now since Christmas of last year as soon as the vacation ended.
The place with the change is Velda region.
A present plan chart is shown below.


The railway track was scheduled to be connected from the Burns station to the Grote station by the straight line in an original plan.
In the Electra region that becomes the street point, there is a club which the person often gather  and a big shopping mall. As for the shopping mall, the railway track is scheduled to pass to the place without the building of the shop. Therefore, if the owner has dealings over land with me, I can construct the railway. However, the club seemed not to be so easier. I had only waiting until land came into the market.
Such a situation continued. However, the land for sale appeared in the Velda region in the next of the south of Electra yesterday.


Because the site can be few, and the line type improves if it sticks to a straight line railway track, it is likely to become a good railway where the train is driven easily. However, there was a possibility that the opening of this section slows very much because it did not understand when to obtain necessary land. That was to have selected it very difficult for me. I decided to buy this land and to build the railway track there as tentative.


This photograph seemed to do the plan change like that and to have constructed the elevated bridge.
However, the railway track has not been connected yet, and the necessity of the land negotiation remains.


This photograph sees the west from the same place.
The position of the Grote station will change, too.
The railway track is considerably winding unlike an original plan. Because SIM boundary will be exceeded twice in this section, it is likely to hinder to drive the train.
Will this railway track be mended by the straight line according to an original plan in the future?


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