Jun 16, 2011

WARR Tech :: The best height of overhead wiring in Inworld Electric Railways

I thought that I was going to give the trait that did not exist in other railways in the WARR line. I decided to construct the WARR line as Electric Railways because there was fortunately room in the number of Prim of land in the WARR line.

However, railways of the Second Life did not have Electric Railways up to now. The exception is UR Rail System. However, this is the one of a standard different from SLRR.

There is no regulations of Electric Railways in the standard of SLRR yet. The importance is height of the overhead wiring. As a result, the size of the railway vehicle that can go into the railway track is decided.

Then, I looked for the tallest vehicle in Second Life.

It was M's R&D that I went first. I decided to turn from the vicinity quickly.

The maximum locomotive in M's is Garaxy. The about 5.8m height existed.

Next, it was H8 Motors that I went. Various locomotives have been exhibited here. Their steam locomotive was short, and about 5m all. However, the diesel locomotive of an American style was very large, and had height of 6.5m.
I am not because I saw all the railway vehicles. However, another had only one railway vehicle equaling this locomotive tall.

If the height of the overhead wiring is made higher, it is likely to be made any vehicle run the railway track. However, the construction of the railway track becomes more difficult. The problem is made confusing as for there is a limit in the change in the altitude of land in Second Life.

In the real world, 6m a lot is seen in a European region. Moreover, it is 7m or more in United States, and about 5m in Japan.

Because the standard doesn't exist, and electrification also has the opinion of unnecessary to begin with, the change of the WARR line to Electric Railways already seems to have twist and turn for a while.

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