Jun 23, 2011

WARR Today :: Sandgrass Overbridge

The third bridge was completed in the WARR line.
There is Sandgrass Road in the next of the east at the Gunda station in the Gunda region. The bridge to exceed this public road is Sandgrass Overbridge.
This bridge became a type with the feature very much. In the plan at first, it was an ordinary truss bridge. However, the fate of this bridge will change greatly about Ms. myuki in a single phrase.

Gunda地域にあるGunda駅の東隣にはSandgrass Roadがあります。この公道を越えるための橋がSandgrass Overbridgeです。

She said so.
"Let's hang it."


There is only 31m length of the digit that crosses road.
It is only several meters longer than Sandhill Sage Overbridge. Therefore, it was thought that this bridge was enough by a simple truss bridge.

Sandhill Sage Overbridgeよりも数m長くなっています。このため当初は通常のトラス橋が作られる計画でした。

When the photograph is seen, it has the mysterious shape that cannot be indescribably said.
It is shape to mix the arch bridge with the cable-stayed bridge. However, is such a bridge in the real world?


A mysterious point in this bridge is not only shape.
A big arch diagonally steps over the railway track and exceeds it.
Therefore, it looks very unstable. If the railway track was a double-track line, such instability might not have been born.


There was an idea to intersect two arches, too. However, I decided to adjust the arch to one because I had looked very exaggerated it.
Because the bridge girder is hung, the space under that is very widespread.


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