Jun 3, 2011

WARR Today :: Plan was changed.

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The plan of the WARR line was changed dated June 1.
As a result, construction will be discontinued in a part of section.


The section from Andraca to Achlya is concretely abolished and the section from PruniJunction to Eson is discontinued.
The Andraca station is shifted position and will be constructed.

具体的にはAndracaからAchlyaまでの区間を廃止とし、Pruni JunctionからEson周辺に至る区間を計画中止とします。

The position of the Andraca station will become the south from a current plan. Therefore, the starting station and each schedule station of the second stage will be changed.
In the terminal position of the second stage, there is no change. The site of a last point has already been acquired.


To evade the site acquisition of the addition, I restructured the arrangement of the railway track in the Lida station west .


In a current plan, the railway track that had gone out of the Lida station was extended to the Rosieri region in the straight line as it was. However, this plan needed a further additional site. Because the division of this district was very complex, the whole line opening to traffic in the WARR line might be very delayed in a plan as it is. Then, the railway track arrangement is reexamined, I succeeded in constructing the route that came off to the Gunda region stealing the site that had been acquired while drawing the S-curve.


The site not started constructing between Lida and Gunda became another division. The opening to traffic of this section has advanced one step.


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