Jun 26, 2011

WARR Today :: Completion of Andraca Overbridge

The Andraca overbridge was completed.
It is Suspension Bridge where it is located in the next of the east at the Andraca station, and Park Way is stepped over.
There is 50-meter length of the span in single span Suspension Bridge, and is 13-meter height under the digit.
This is the maximum bridge in the WARR line.

Andraca駅の東隣に位置し、Park Wayを跨ぐ吊り橋です。

It is a structure that only the digit in the part placed between two main towers is hung with the cable.
Digits outside in main towers are constructed as a usual truss bridges.


Temporary housing guides are set up.
Non-physical type vehicle can run on this though it is not possible to run in the physical type vehicle because construction for a physical vehicle has not ended yet.


When this bridge was constructed, I got large cooperation from Mr.(Ms.) Cedric Brown.
I describe gratitude here.

この橋の建設に際し、Cedric Brown氏に多大なるご協力をいただきました。

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