Sep 9, 2011

WARR Today :: Completion of Andraca Station

The Andraca station was completed.


This station is a terminal point of the first term section of WARR line. In the station of WARR line, it is the closest to the sea, and the sea is immediately visible to the reverse side.

WARR線の駅の中では最も海に近く 、駅のすぐ裏に海が見えています。

The station building is incorporated under the elevated bridge of a track, and although it is not the independent building, the stairs for going up to the platform on elevated and the roof are accents on appearance.


The large waiting room in the inside of this station building is the feature. I think that sofas and foliage plants will be placed here in the future.


The ticket window became a counter of the cylinder type which was not in other stations.


The larger porch was prepared for the entrance of the station. The change on a car from a train and a train from a car could also be made smooth.


Since the section where the track is not connected yet remains, commencement of business of this station is likely to be yet to come. I would like to tell again, when the time of commencement of business comes.


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