Sep 20, 2011

WARR Today :: New Station at Sikkima

WARR decided to bypass a Grote river.


New WARR line goes north from Electra station, goes half round the northern coast of the Grote lake, and crosses over Robin Loop.
This section has a slope tight for a WARR line.
After exceeding Robin Loop, tracks are connected to the new Sikkima station.

新しいWARR線はElectra駅から北上し、Grote湖の北岸を半周してRobin Loopを跨ぎ越えます。
Robin Loopを越えると新しいSikkima駅へ繋がります。

Sikkima station has three tracks as well as an old Lida station.
It is a linear station.
Since it is built on the flat ground, compared with the Lida station which was the design in which the vertical interval of land was employed efficiently, it looks quite simple.


Probably a new tracks are again passed ranging over Robin Loop from here, pass along an old Lida station top, and join to the original main line.
The old Lida station is the fate pulled down while not being used once.

新しい線路はここから再びRobin Loopを跨ぎ越して旧Lida駅の上を通り、元の本線へと合流していくでしょう。

It is the present construction progress.
Construction of the Sikkima station elevated bridge finished and tracks ware laid on it.
Moreover, a track is beginning to be laid on a Juanita bridge.


It is likely to take time still more till the completion of construction.


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