Sep 19, 2011

WARR Today :: Detour

The lake over a Grote region and a Juanita region is on the north side of a Grote river.
Although the circumference of the lake had been long maintained as the sanctuary, the land of them was put on the market the other day.

Grote川の北側に、Grote SIMとJuanita SIMにまたがって湖があります。

Construction of a WARR line is interrupted in the scene preservation area of the Grote river coast for a long time.
We continue the present plan which crosses a preservation area, or do we purchase those lands and build a detour?
WARR was pressed for a difficult decision.


However, as for the line construction in the landscape preservation area, while comprehension of the persons concerned was not obtained by it, half a year passed.
And there is no chance that their comprehension will come out at future.
Then, we decided to build a detour.


The section started as a detour is light-blue.
The section already opened for traffic is green.
The non-section of restored traffic under construction is yellow.
And the interruption section of a scene preservation area is red.
Although pink is also a detour, these lands have not been purchased yet.


Construction of elevated bridges or an over bridge has already finished with the light-blue section.
We are beginning to build a new station in Sikkima region now.
In the pink section, we are going to purchase land and to advance construction of the track.

現在はSikkima SIMにて新駅を建設し始めています。

About a yellow non-section of restored traffic and each station of Lida and Slosser, it is as follows.

Lida station: Abolish and it is signal cabin establishment to the west side of the present station.
Slosser station: Present installation.
A non-section of restored traffic: Leave the section from a Lida new signal cabin to a Slosser station for the time being.

Moreover, reconstruction is planned about Electra station.




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