Feb 7, 2011

WARR Today :: New line around Burns station opened.

It began to use the section around the Burns station among constructed new lines.
It began to use new platforms in the second and the third line at Burns station also. The old line connected with the first line at Burns station is closed, and the switch and signals are being removed. Moreover, the Takatsudo station will be transferred to the new line side in the future.


The first line at Burns station will restart use as soon as completing signals in the Burns station west construction. However, because an old line is removed, the first line becomes possible to arrive and depart only to the Electra district.


It is a schedule as follows.


The use of the first line is restarted as soon as the signal in the Burns station west construction is completed. At that time, a new line to Electra has not opened yet. I will enable the train to pass between the first line and new line by being able to use the Burns station west's 0th switches.


It is scheduled to open as soon as the construction of the Electra station is completed in a new line from the Burns station to the Electra station.
At present, the construction of the station building remains in the Electra station. As for the construction of the platform, the roof, and the signal, it completes, and operation by the SLRR method is possible.
However, construction that will renew the traffic signal control system to the WARR method in the future is scheduled. Moreover, the central guide construction on the SandhillSage overbridge to the Electra station west is scheduled to be done.
Days are expected to hang still considerably to complete all construction related to the Electra station. I will open the route to the Electra station as soon as construction related to the station is completed.

ただし、今後信号システムを更新し、WARR方式に改める工事が予定されています。また、Electra駅西方にあるSandhill Sage跨道橋上のセンターガイド工事が行われる予定です。

It is a progress report of other construction.


The acquisition of the Lida station construction schedule ground was completed. The elevated bridge construction is starting now. The elevated bridge in the main line part was connected with the Slosser elevated bridge.


Because a new site was able to be acquired, the Gunda station was transferred from a conventional position to the south. As a result, the section from Lida to Andraca will be connected in the straight line.


It is the latest route map.
Construction is advanced by the section of the east side.


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