Dec 4, 2010

Treasure Hunting!

My dear friend and the person who got a serious effort from the WARR inauguration.
Ms. myuki Mills.
Christmas Treasure Hunting Event started now in the Neumoegen region with her shop "M 's R&D".

The thing that can be gotten...

Steam locomotive of SPECIAL specification.

Of course, this locomotive is possible excellent to run in the WARR line including SLRR.

In detail in "M 's R&D activity blog" of Ms. myuki.

私の親愛な友人であり、WARR発足に大変なご尽力を頂いたmyuki Mills氏。
氏のお店、M's R&DのあるNeumoegen地域で今、クリスマストレハンが始まりました。




詳しくはmyukiさんのブログ、M's R&D活動ブログにて。

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