Dec 10, 2010

WARR :: The most initial WARR plan.

I will write the upbringing of WARR today.


The plan of WARR appeared at about the beginning on November, 2010.
The plan at that time is not so different from WARR constructed now.
There was a basic idea of railway from the Neumoegen station to the Elpenor station from early time.


This image is a route map brought together when it was still a conceptual stage.
WARR was thought by making the Neumoegen station of SLRR a starting point as a route postponed to Elpenor of the terminal through various places of Burns, Grote, Slosser, Tiretta, Andraca, and Eson.


It is because it was thought that I extended the railway to such a place why, there is no railway in this region.
If it was an independent completely private railway not connected with SLRR, I may make WARR where of Atoll. However, I thought that the railway not connected with SLRR was unattractive.
The connection with SLRR was what had to be thought in first for me.
And, I thought that it might be the best to extend WARR from Neumoegen to the west.


When you try to connect the railway to SLRR making it in the Atoll west, the mountain range where Atoll is surrounded by all means obstructs you.
No one can dig up a genuine tunnel where the mountain is run through in SecondLife.
Then, I had to look for the location that was able to extend the railway track to the west even if it did not go over the mountain.
Neumoegen is a plateau in the south end of the mountain range.
Moreover, because the railway track of SLRR went by the plateau, here was the most suitable land for beginning to extend the railway track for the west.


Let's see the plan chart again.
And, a present plan chart is displayed.


The appearance that changes greatly is seen on the map.
First of all, the terminal changed from Elpenor to Achlya.
However, the Achlya station did not exist in the plan.
I wrote the blog article before. To cost time and cost for the extension to Elpenor too much, I gave up making a terminal there.
Then, I should make a new terminal somewhere.
I thought that I was able to use land that was able to be acquired when this decision was done effectively, therefore I decided to make Achlya that did not exist in an initial plan a terminal.


The railway passed the Tiletta region and had come off in the plan.
However, the Gunda region actually passes and it comes off.
This is because land that was able to be acquired is in the Gunda region.
A similar change is done also in the Slosser region.


After all, a straight line railway track has become a curve as a result of changing so.


Land that I was able to acquire is about 25% of incomplete parts as of December 10.
About 25% is abandoned land, and 50% is land owned by others.
Anyway, I cannot extend the railway track in not obtaining land.


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