Dec 23, 2010

WARR Today :: WARR - SLRR tie line

It is several days ago.
The train came to be able to run because a central guide had been set up on the railway track where WARR tied to SLRR.
The tie line joins the SLRR main line in the Neumoegen station south.
The train from the Bhaga district can go into the WARR line without turning around.
The train from the Tuliptree district should back the switch at the Neumoegen station.


Moreover, the switch that ran directly from the SLRR line to the Hinamizawa station that was the starting point in the WARR line was set up.


We wish to express our gratitude for Sylvan and Michael who sets up these.

これらの工事をしてくれたLDPWのSylvan Moleと工事指示を迅速に出してくれたMichael Lindenに感謝します。

There is no central guide in the WARR line.
The train of the sensor type can run on this railway track, however, a physical train that doesn't use the sensor cannot run.


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