Dec 2, 2010

WARR Today :: WARR was introduced by others.

Elevated bridges and the station that WARR constructed in various places were introduced to other blogs.
It is a blog named "Heterocera Atoll" that promptly introduces a new place and building to Heterocera Atoll.

Heterocera Atollに新しくできた場所や建物をいち早く紹介しているHeterocera Atollというブログです。

I'm sorry when there is a person who cannot read because it is a Japanese blog.


The permalink of the introduced blog is written below.


【Grote Station】WARR

【高架鉄道?】Gunda SIMの光景

【WARR構築物】Slosser SIM

The author of this blog is editing wiki of Atoll.
The matter concerning traffic such as railways and roads of Heterocera Atoll has been brought together in the wiki.
And, the matter of WARR was newly added in that.

そのwikiにはHeterocera Atollの鉄道や道路といった交通に関する事柄がまとめられています。

Heterocera Atoll wiki

WARR (West Atoll RailRoad)

I am always surprised by his coverage power.


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